Health, Safety and Environment

Managers and Supervisors Responsibilities

  • Ensuring the conformity of all contractors and subcontractors to the HSE standard and regulations.
  • HSE requirements should be clearly demonstrated properly fulfilled, strictly applied and frequently inspected at sites.
  • Unconformity incidents with HSE requirements as well as accidents should be reported and investigated.
  • Warning and caution signs should be clearly presented and carefully illustrated.
  • Implementing the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures, plans and regulations.
  • Conducting regular HSE meetings.
  • Ensuring that employees, facilities, equipments and all whom working under ACICO supervision are fully incompliance with HSE standard and governmental regulations.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Own and other colleagues safety.
  • Avoiding, reporting, correcting and stopping – if possible - unsafe situations.
  • Attending, realizing and considering HSE meetings and regulations.
  • Implementing HSE requirements and regulations.
  • Reporting accidents and any violations to HSE regulations.
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