Name Designation Description
Eng. Ahmed Ghassan Al Khaled   Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director 

Eng. Al Khaled leads the senior management of the company’s diverse operations via his keen and multi-faceted adaptability to the industry’s ever-changing dynamics, customer behavior and needs. He is known for his hands-on and performance-oriented work culture. Initiating several operational excellence programs during his tenure as CEO and MD, he continues to lead the operations’ evolution towards complete sustainability. He is a graduate of Civil Engineering and holds multiple degrees in Business, Administration and Finance.

Manoj Krishna

Financial Manager

Manoj is a member of the senior management team and is responsible for ACICO Cement finance and management reporting. He holds a BSc. In Accounting and is a CFA certification holder with over 20 years experience in the cement manufacturing industry.

Eng. Hosni Azaz Plant & Production Manager

Hosni is a member of the management team and is responsible for all aspects of production and maintenance at ACICO Cement, as well as meeting production, quality and sales targets and compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation.

Eng. Mohammed Farouk   Development Manager

Mohammed is responsible for leading the development of high grade products especially at the interlock stone production lines, delivering production and plant reliability targets and driving ACICO cements product diversification plan.

Yaser Al Shareiei Ready Mix Concrete Production Manager

Yaser is responsible for all daily routine production and maintenance at the ready mix concrete plant, for deputizing for the Plant & Production Manager, and the delivery of all production and plant reliability, availability and efficiency targets.


At ACICO, we work as a team, sharing ideas and nurturing individual strengths. We provide our customers with the best possible service, and at the same time, work together to build our local community.

Being one of the largest construction materials companies with production sites across the region, our products are essential in maintaining and improving the quality of modern life through durable infrastructure. Concrete and cement products help build strong, long-lasting homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and vital public and private building projects; and its construction materials are crucial to core infrastructure, from highways and sidewalks to reservoirs and runways.

In pursuit of self sufficiency and to elude risks in the manufacturing process, ACICO began production of cement products through securing provision of raw materials, thus solidifying its reputation as a dependable resource that extends beyond just being only one of two manufacturers in the State of Kuwait, to become a trusted supplier across the region of high quality products and technical services. This reliability manifests itself at main manufacturing location in Shuaiba Industrial Area in Kuwait through quality assurance laboratories, qualified engineers, specialized technicians and a steadfast labor force.

All ACICO cement products are manufactured to comply with the highest local and international standards & specifications of quality and dependability, thus its manufacturing sites in Kuwait are continually accredited by the local Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Housing in addition to their counterparts in nearly all other regional neighbours.

Products and Services


Ready mixed concrete is made from a carefully balanced mixture of aggregates, cement and water. Every major construction project uses concrete in one form or another. It’s hard to imagine a cityscape without also picturing concrete. In fact, it may be impossible. From driveways and parking lots, to office buildings and hospitals, to the streets and bridges and tunnels that connect our world, concrete is omnipresent.

ACICO's concrete offers technically advanced construction solutions that open up new options for durable, enduring design. ACICO offers a variety of concrete mixes and products designed to meet the challenges of any project underscoring its capability to meet project specifications, delivery schedules, proper technical services, customer expectation and satisfaction. Through its two production lines (for wet and dry concrete) at its state of the art facility designed to and managed to uphold the highest standards of quality, ACICO differentiates itself from the competition by  obtaining  products  with  new  intricate designs,  textures,  colors  and  patterns  fit  to conform to the high levels of precision and quality. In addition to everyday ready mixed concrete, ACICO has the extensive experience designing mixes for specific applications such as:

  • High early strength
  • High-strength yield
  • Self consolidating concrete 
  • Sulfate resistance
  • Lightweight 
  • High density
  • Flowable fill 


Cement is one of the world’s oldest building materials, and is still among the most flexible and widely used. ACICO is committed to continual innovation of this construction mainstay, being one of the leading producers of bulk cement in region. With plants and distribution terminals strategically located across the region designed and established to serve the organization’s goals of satisfying market needs, it manufactures a variety of cements, covering a range of ordinary Portland cement for traditional uses as well as white cement, masonry products, custom-colored, blended and slag cements. 

  • Ordinary Portland Cement - Type I 

Widely used, OPC type I is used in concrete works that don't come in touch with soil or ground water. It is mainly used for cladding, cement block manufacturing and other construction industries.

  • Resistant Cement - Type II – exclusive in Kuwait

Used in concrete foundations of buildings where the ground contains moderate percentages of sulfates & chlorides.

  • White Cement – Type III or IV – exclusive in Kuwait 

The most popular and time tested choice for floors and walls but also its lesser known applications have unimaginable scope. It is suitable for numerous decorative & architectural applications in white, light & dark colors.

  • TGPS

Used in concrete works that require specific resistance to sulphate salts that may exist in the soil.

  • Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag GGBS

Used where the increase of ferrite content is required to enhance the mixture capabilities and performance. 

  • TGPS

These are blends of fly ash and Portland Cement, usually used for void filling, repair of brick and masonry structures, structural grouting behind tunnels, curtains around dams and around foundations, strengthening embankments and bridge abutments.

Interlock Stone 

Simply, the best paving stone in the world! 

Adding a vast selection of texture and color to the streets and sidewalks of the region, ACICO’s interlock paving stones are right choice for making life a little bit brighter. Ideal for pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, street intersections, exterior flooring and gardens and landscaping solutions, this limitless array of possibilities is constantly being developed with new shapes, designs and colors every season.

Building on the dependable resources of ACICO, this product is produced using the best color pigments in the world to produce true awe inspiring colors that overcome the scorching heat and wash to maintain its vibrancy throughout the years.

Benefits include unlimited creative design capabilities, easy removability and replacement, improved aesthetics, compatible with local & international usage standards when placed by a professional, and conforms to an unlimited variety of shapes and surface textures including the traditional look of slate, brick and cobblestone.

Logistics & Packaging

Every transportation scenario is different: it may involve moving coarse-grained material through rugged terrain from the quarry to the factory grounds, or hot materials from a kiln cooling system to a silo. However, all of these applications have one thing in common: when it comes to economical transport, ACICO provides the ideal solution.

With a fleet of over 150 vehicles and 14 pumps serving the ready mix cement services; ACICO is always working at full capacity through 24/7/365 schedules, prompt delivery and competitive pricing; maintaining client trust and satisfaction whatever the challenge.

 ACICO cement is supplied in bulk or 50 kg - 3 ply reinforced paper bags guaranteeing quality and freshness through 3 ply durable paper bags and supplied directly from own stores or those of reputed and qualified bulk wholesalers approved and overseen by the company quality control team.

Raw Materials 

A vigilant watch on quality is maintained around the clock as quality control laboratory technicians perform numerous chemical analysis tests each hour on raw materials, clinker, finished products, and across the entire manufacturing and delivery life cycle to guarantee continued homogeneity of product quality.

Concern for quality does not end at the plant. Customers want a quality product, and they want it from ACICO. Through analysis of raw material, testing of hardened and fluid products, educational programs, and research projects, the quality technology lab at ACICO is equipped with the latest facilities built on US and Kuwaiti standards to provide the technical assistance necessary to optimize products. Further quality is ensured through collaborations with international testing facilities if the need ever rises.



    ACICO Industries Blocks Factory
    Al Shuaiba Industrial Area, Block 5, Str. 100, Avenue 64



    Qatar Aerated Concrete Industries Co. W.L.L. (Blocks Factory)
    Plot 39, Gabbro Area Mesaieed Industrial City, Zone 92, Str. 702

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    Saudi ACICO Co. LTD. (Blocks Factory)
    Jubail Industrial City, P.O. Box No: 724, Jubail (Zip)31951Eastern Province, Jubail



    ACICO Industries Co. -Dubai Br (Blocks Factory)
    Jabel Ali Industrial area 2, Jabel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E.

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Nassima Royal Hotel, Dubai

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The Distinct Location for Destination Dubai 

Nassima Tower, Dubai is a multi-storey 5-star luxury hotel and condominium project located in Dubai right on Sheikh Zayed Road, steps from the City’s best cultural, sports and entertainment venues and connected through the Dubai Metro system to the surrounding downtown core.

Major attractions surrounding the hotel include Dubai Trade Center, Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Center, Dubai International Financial Center and Emirates Towers. A few minutes away are the world famous Burj Khalifah, Dubai Mall and the Dubai Gold Market.

ACICO Hospitality continues to asset manage the hotel.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • 471 Guest Rooms & Suites each with separate bathrooms
  • Multiple reception and meeting lounges on several floors
  • 5 onsite multi-cuisine restaurants & café’s
  • Expansive outdoor pool
  • Health Club & Kids Club
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • 8 varying size meeting rooms and event halls
  • Day Spa
  • Centralized air conditioning with digital climate control.
  • Wireless high speed internet access & Phone Services.
  • 24 Hour Valet Parking Services
  • Multi-storey on premise parking facility

Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah

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This resort is the leading luxury hotel in the Emirate of Fujairah and is one of only a handful of destinations to be continually recognized by travel magazines as having the #1 hotel spa in the region, in addition to being one of the most sought after family destinations.

Located just 90 minutes from Dubai, this property lies between the Hajjar Mountains and a mile of glistening private beach. The project covers an area of 29,605m2, including a breath-taking quarter kilometer of sandy beaches, with all rooms having an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

Inspired by historic local architecture of the region the resort features grand, extra-wide elevations and extensive landscaped areas. By introducing a unique, luxury hospitality project to the local market, ACICO expedited absorption and project profitability.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • 257 Guest rooms & Suites - All rooms have ocean view.
  • Multiple reception and meeting lounges on several floors
  • 4 onsite multi-cuisine restaurants & café’s
  • Expansive outdoor pool
  • Luxury Spa, Health Club & Kids Club
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • 3 meeting rooms and event halls
  • Centralized air conditioning with digital climate control.
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